McKinney-Vento Educational Rights

Students without fixed, regular, and adequate living situations have the following rights:

  1. Immediate enrollment in the school they last attended or the local school where they are currently staying even if they do not have all of the documents normally required at the time of enrollment without fear of being separated or treated differently due to their housing situations;

  2. Transportation to the school of origin for the regular school day;

  3. Access to free meals, Title I and other educational programs, and transportation to extra-curricular activities to the same extent that it is offered to other students.


Any questions about these rights can be directed to the local McKinney-Vento Liaison at:

Kristi Lord, Principal

Bangor School Department Homeless Liaison

224 Fourteenth Street Bangor, Maine

(207) 941-6350


Amelia Lyons

McKinney-Vento State Coordinator

Department of Education

Augusta, Maine

(207) 557 – 1787