For Families

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As principal at William S. Cohen School, I would like to thank you on behalf of our entire school community to the parents/guardians who consistently nurture their child’s interest in school and in learning.

Research continues to support the power of partnership, school, student and parent/guardian in building successful school experiences for today’s students. This partnership helps create an environment where students can thrive and do thrive.

Reinforcing regular and punctual school attendance, asking questions daily about your child’s school day, monitoring your child’s progress in the classroom, setting expectations for your child’s school citizenship and encouraging your child to work unto excellence are examples of the meaningful contributions made by parents and guardians to their child’s school success.

A parent/guardian’s sustained commitment to their child’s learning and to promoting healthy and positive attitudes toward education are key ingredients in a child’s school success regardless of the grade or school.

Know that your involvement in your child’s learning at WSCS is valued, appreciated, and deserving of a “thank you” from faculty, staff and administrators at WSCS.  The William S. Cohen School community encourages your continued investment in your child’s education.